Streamline Ad Production

We managed to convert the majority of our traditional print desingers into rich media ad designers. We could not have done this wthout Impact Engine.

- Chris Johnston
Business and Product Dev
Glacier Media Group
Glacier Media Group



A common conundrum in Local is making sure operational costs are in line while meeting client requirements for ad quality and turnaround times.

Here at Impact Engine, we focus on helping our clients find the best solution for their specific needs.

Three things are true when it comes to rich media display ad production:

    1.  The highest value ad units are usually difficult & time consuming to produce.
    2.  Designers talented in creating high end ad units are more expensive.
    3.  Designers are busy with production, so the sales reps cannot typically access

         quality spec ads in advance of their meetings or calls.

More and more, Local media organizations are exploring ways to cut production costs while still delivering compelling, high revenue ad options for their advertisers. Whether you're looking to increase the productivity of your in-house team, or looking to fully outsource your ad production, Impact Engine can help.

HuddleLeading organizations use the Impact Engine platform to retain and grow their in-house teams (increasing output by 300% or more) and as a foundational component of their outsourced strategies.

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