Invest in your Team

Impact Engine has been the key to success; enabling us to provide state of the artadvertising products to our advertisers.

- Rachel Porter
  Online Sales Manager
  Sioux Falls
  Sioux City Journal



As a display platform provider in Local, we interface with teams of all sizes. We work daily with digital management as well as sales, creative, and ad operations.

The organizations within top performers in Local speak about common aspects of their organization. These themes include:

  • Our Management is here to help
  • Our experiences are shared within and across organizational lines
  • We are active in community and industry activities
  • Creativity thrives in our organization
  • Ongoing training is mandatory
  • We love the Impact Engine platform! (ok, we had to throw that one in...)
  • Achievement is recognized within our organization
  • We treat our clients even better than we expect to be treated


Team NetworkIn Local, everyone we speak to agrees that there are certain aspects of the organization that can be greatly enhanced through software and technology.

They also agree with us that, in Local, the team doing the work makes the difference between success and failure.

Contact us to learn more about your team building options, both internal as well as outsourced.