Ad Optimization

Impact Engine brings large agency capabilities to our operation - without adding additional overhead...

- Mitch Gruber
  Director, KFMB Interactive
  Midwest Television


As a hosted platform, Impact Engine’s ad optimization tools enable your design team to make real time ad updates, even after your ads go live.

Simply copy our hosted, 3rd Party Ad Code into your ad server once. All future ad edits are then made directly from your Impact Engine account, all in real time.

Additionally, Impact Engine offers a fully automated system for A/B testing multiple creative concepts and ad formats.

Simply design your original ad, then auto-generate as many “ad variants” as you like from this original. Once your ads are generated, they are placed into a series of competitive “rounds” – with the weaker performers automatically weeded out, leaving only the best performing ad(s) running live.

There is no limit to the number of ad concepts or ad templates you can test. Impact Engine also provides real time, independent, ad performance metrics and analytics so you can keep track of which ads perform best.

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