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Impact Engine to Release Programmatic Spec Ad Builder

Impact Engine, Inc. is currently in delevopment on a state of the art "programmatic" spec ad builder.  Designed with Sales Reps in mind as the end user, this new platform will allow anyone to produce high end, customized rich media spec ads in less than 60 seconds. 

"The problem we have seen with previous entrants in this space is that they use a "shotgun" approach for collecting advertiser data - using programs that can only guess at what content is actually being pulled from an advertiser's website lasix.  In almost all cases, additional design work and input is required by the end user to make the ads presentable to the advertiser.  We are working to solve this issue by using a combination of vertical specific media assets combined with advertiser web data to get great looking ads every time... on the first pass," said Bryan Depew, VP of Product Develpment for Impact Engine.

An Alpha version of the platform is expected to be ready by the end of the year.